About me

My name is Jee Myung Jun

I am one and a half grade 8.

My home is Anyang.

But my dad was going to Samsung Gumi has come to Vietnam.

And I usually go to Hanoi Korea International School to be in Hanoi, but I live in the park.

And my favorite subjects are math and science.

And I like miso stew.

Now my introduction is over.


Hanoi Korea International School

My name is Jee Myung Jun. Bloy name is Jun.

What I am going to introduce now is a game.

The game name is over watch.

Over watch is a FPS game.

This is a 15-year-old game.

There are 24 heroes in the game.

There are also various types of games:

fast action, arcade, pre-competition, artificial intelligence, customization, and more.

If you do not explain it, you can play the tutorial in the game.

Oh, this game is not free.

If you want to watch over, you can go to a PC room or buy money.

And it gives you experience when you play the game.

When you collect experience, you will level up.

I will give you a box.

Open the box to compensate.

Rewards can be good or bad. Is this your luck?
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